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Durable Mowers from Exmark in Strathroy

If you’re looking for durable and robust mowers for your lawn and backyard in Strathroy, Exmark is an ideal brand to choose. At Campbells Outdoor Power Equipment, we have the most popular and trusted Exmark mowing systems available in-store. Exmark has earned a great reputation for producing highly efficient mowing machines that last for years and deliver excellent cut quality. You can choose from an extensive range of Exmark mowing systems in our inventory or ask our professionals to help you pick a mower suited for your unique needs. Call us today to know more about the models we carry or reach out to us with all your questions.

Build for a Signature Cut

Browse through our long range of UltraCut mowing systems from Exmark: 

  • Series 2
    Featured on our quest line up, the Series 2 decks are fabricated and welded. Optimized for residential applications providing a professional quality of cut.
  • UltraCut™ Series 3
    These full-floating decks precisely follow ground contours to deliver a more consistent height of cut and reduced scalping. They feature robust, yet flexible, discharge chutes, designed to reduce the possibility of impact damage from trees, rocks and other obstacles
  • UltraCut™ Series 4
    With a deeper design, these decks are formed and welded to provide superior strength and durability. These decks feature sealed, maintenance-free spindle assemblies and patented spherical bearing design on the idler arm pivots to eliminate maintenance and reduce downtime.
  • UltraCut™ Series 6
    All the features from the Series 4 deck are standard plus an enhanced cutter housing. The Series 6 deck cutter housing features a more robust spindle and bearings. All components in these decks work together to deliver the quality of cut you expect from an Exmark mower.
  • UltraCut™ Rear Discharge
    The Rear Discharge deck has counter-rotating blades for enhanced clipping dispersion with the ability to trim on both sides of the deck. The deck comes standard with black side bumpers. Optional white bumpers available which are perfect for not leaving marks.
  • UltraCut Rear Discharge with Flex Wings
    Our flex wing decks are the ultimate mowing systems for productivity with 96 or 144-inch widths available. Capable of articulating up to 20-degrees up and 15-degrees down to precisely follow the ground contour, the wing decks fold hydraulically to minimize trailering space. All UltraCut Flex Wing cutting decks are engineered to not just be more productive, but also deliver the durability and signature cut quality Exmark owners expect.

Built for Collecting

We also offer a plethora of collection systems for your Exmark mowers: 

  • 2-Bag Collection System Non-powered
  • 2-Bag Collection System Powered
  • Ultravac 2 or 3-bag Commercial-grade Powered Collection System
  • Ultravac Quick Dump System Commercial-grade Powered Collection System
  • 3-Bushel Bagger

Outdoor Equipment from Leading Brands

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